project 1: postcard process

this will be my process work for digital tools 1 project 1.

i went to shoot pictures with some buddies on a sunday evening at the scarborough bluffs for my project since i assumed no one would be there due to the weather. when i got there i was surprised at how many people were there. no where near as much as in the summer but i guess people wanted to go there before fall was gonna set in so i didn’t mind, just a little more work in photoshop.

a photo i managed to get without people in the frame

what i found really interesting was that even on a rough overcast day like it was that day, there were still a couple of people that had gone there alone, or with another person, and they would just be staring at the waters, listening to the waves. it was probably really calming for them. a place people went to clear their minds or to talk with someone they cared about. i wanted to get that feeling for my postcard.

people staring off into the ocean

as me and my friends took pictures we went to head back, that’s when i noticed this seagull by itself that didn’t fly away when i got near it. it was interesting because i noticed all the other seagulls i saw at the beach, they were all in large packs so seeing this one secluded and on it’s own captured that feeling of going out of your way to disconnect and to reflect or clear your head. even tho seagulls don’t think, i think.

i decided to choose this photo for my postcard. i first cropped and framed the image to give it white borders. i used the spot healing brush to clean up the stuff and the ground, smoothing the sand more, removing some people and garbage cans. i went and used exposure, saturation and color balance to give the image a more washed and lightened mood and looked for a suitable font that fit the classic greeting message from someone that had sent you a postcard letter in the mail.

this was my final product. i feel it captures the feeling of visiting a place, maybe when you want to be alone and a place to clear your mind and disconnect from any noise that may have been bothering you lately. overall this was a fun project to complete and going out and listening to the waves was pretty calming and relaxing, regardless of the weather.