project 03: collage

this will be my process work for project 3.

since this project required the use of photographs we have taken, I really had to decide and consider what objects and items I wanted to use for the project. i took into consideration the background, subject, and the items regarding how easy would it be to mask and color correct, as well as working cohesively in a advertising sense.

the brand i chose was one everyone should be familiar with, nike. using a brand like nike allowed many different types of objects and aesthetics to work with such as sports, lifestyle and fashion. i decided on a moody, futuristic/tech aesthetic while having all white shoes as the focus which also provided the freedom to change the colors to what i desired.

when out taking photos, i had already decided on the key components that would make my composition. the first photos taken were the backgrounds/backdrops

these 3 were the ones i took into consideration the most. the first picture would be the backdrop chosen for my collage due to the sky being a nice negative space to work with the subject.

we then went and began taking photos for the subject and object.

having the object and subject behind a solid color that contrasted well made it easier to mask and select.

after gathering the images i needed, i began working on the collage in photoshop.

here is a rundown on my process, starting with getting the composition together with the photos cut up. i then started playing around with the adjustment layers. the second image was my first draft and after some critique from my friends, i began working on fixing up the shoes and abandoned this floating and glowing effect i was going for and decided to put it out on the palms, as well as color correcting the subject and background for a colder feel. the final draft fixes the lighting on the subject and saturating the colors on the shoes.

although the design and purpose don’t really make sense since i wanted to go for an ad that featured shoes for fall/winter, this project allowed me to work on my color correcting and compositing different images and making it look seamless (or at least tried to).

overall i am happy with the final result and it was a fun project to do.

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