project 04: logos

this will be my process work for project 4: logos.

the logo i designed in design fundamentals 1 was for a brand called “Summit” which is a winter apparel/recreation store which would sell products such as winter clothing, winter gear and products for winter recreation such as snowboards, skis, mountaineering and other winter related activities.

the logo features a large format and a smaller text format. using the large format i followed this video:

i made an embroidered version of the logo.

with an embroidered version of the logo, i applied the logo onto a beanie.

from the original photo, i quick selected and masked the beanie. i then removed the original logo and applied my own using the liquefy tool and transform distortion to apply the logo. i then created a gradient background and used some adjustment layers to blend the composition.

for the second application, i chose packaging of a shoe/boot box. using the pen tool i selected and masked the box from the original. using the text logo i created a vanishing point on the top of the box and applied the logo. i then used adjustment layers and blending some blending layers to match the shadows and blend the composition.

for the animated logo, having done animation through photoshop in the past, i made use of the sun in the logo to create a day and night cycle.

this made the logo dynamic and the concept tied in with the brand.

this project brought my logo created in design fundamentals and brought it more to life and seeing the applications and thinking about the brand application within context was fun to think about.

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