Typography Project One: Letter form Construction, Classification and Use

Beginning the project off, we were tasked with doing a calligraphy exercise. This was challenging as I’ve never done calligraphy before and was clueless on how to maneuver a calligraphy pen properly.

After doing the initial writing, we had to trace the best letter forms in adobe illustrator. Using parts of other letters, I was able to construct other letters easily while maintaining some similarities between all the letters.

This was not difficult but was time consuming trying my best to configure each character and clean them up.

After the initial tracing, I aligned them up to create the word ‘Hamburgefonstiv’ labeled the type anatomy for the website.

For the expressive type I explored a couple of ideas before settling on the final one. I liked the thick stroke weight provided by Akzidenz Grotesk and used the word crowded and reduced the kerning by -75 pts to squish the letters and emulate crowdedness with the black border.

Other parts of the project required no iterating and followed the material provided in class and applied based on what I know.

It was interesting learning more about type. I did not know there was a lot to letter forms such as the anatomy and terms for something we’ve been learning our entire lives and look at each and everyday. It was good to learn the differences between readability and what makes a good paragraph as well as learning how to express type through the variety of properties such as stroke, color, size and the typeface.

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