Assignment 2 – Storyboard & Production Plan – iriscope

Production plan

The storyboard follows a casual day, utilizing first person shots we can display the interface in action and as a demonstration for what it would be like to have an interface built into our eyes.

Crew Member:
Jc Calimlim – Director, Animator, Editor, Cameraman, Actor

Bradley Hill – Cameraman, Actor

Felipe De La Fuente – Actor

Graphical treatment:

Example of camera shots I would like to attempt
Interface seamlessly integrated
Motion graphics and upbeat music
More motion graphic examples

Here are just some examples and styles I want to attempt in after effects such as the eyes and animated elements for the interface to add a dynamic feel to the demonstration.


Starting with the brand identity, i changed the name from the previous “ICVs” to “iriscope”.

These are some mock-ups of the interface in demonstration and some data. I plan to animate the interface using after effects and trying out different layouts for the data to be shown better.

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