Digital Tools 2 Project 3 – Future Interface Video


This is a video for project 3 which showcases the iriscope, the interface and technology made to change our visual view and add an interface overlay and seamless control over the navigation which is hands free and integrated with the user.

Process Work

Using a canon eos 77d dslr to record, we ended up with 102 shots that were mostly discarded. The rough cut was over 3 minutes so I had to edit and speed up some parts to shorten the video.

rough cut
working in after effects
final cut

integrating after effects with premiere pro was easy as you can link them simultaneously and work between the two, although convenient — this heavily affected computer performance and many times I had to wait due to freezing.

Having passed experience with after effects the program, I wanted to try some techniques regarding animation and vfx. Integrating pieces of the UI made in illustrator, it was a matter of animating the small components to convey and make the interface more dynamic.

Due to time constraints and other things getting in the way, I would have liked to showcase more interfaces and features that utilize cool vfx techniques like a better scanning effect and text animations to make the final video more in depth and flashy.


Sound FX used:



Jc Calimlim – Director, Cameraman, Editor, Animator

Felipe De La Fuente – Actor, Cameraman

Bradley Hill – Cameraman

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