Future User Interface Project: Assignment 1

As we grow, we begin to take our health for granted. With the access to vaccines and shots, we have been able to minimize the impact of deadly diseases that would have been severe in the past. While we’re encouraged to get our vaccines and shots, with the combination of personal hygiene and getting our sufficient nutrients through a well balanced diet, we can ensure we our at our healthiest, boosting our performance, productivity and well being.

In the distant future, technology has advanced and we’re now able to see and track our vitals in real time via a chip installed on the back of our necks. The ICV (I See Vitals) Interface will allow the user to track and maintain their health accurately and accordingly to their body type and personal preferences via a first person display through their eyesight.

The Data

The data monitored and displayed will be sourced from the user itself. The ICV will be able to monitor vitals such as heart rate, blood pressure, stress levels, sleep, diet and much more. The ICV is able to see what the human eye cannot and is able to see germs and viruses in contaminated areas such as the subway or public washrooms. Being able to see germs encourages us to not only avoid certain places but to also promote personal hygiene and the cleanliness of our environment. With the use of the data displayed to us, this can change the behavior of the user to be more inclined to their health and to better understand their bodies. We can optimize this data to suit our needs, whether we want to diet or to exercise, the parameters can be adjusted accordingly.

Below are examples provided, inspirations from movies and video games show the tracking of important user data that helps the user know what to optimize.

Film Locations

The images used for the locations are subject to change.

The story will begin in my room and will utilize a mix of first person and other shots to convey the story.

Other parts of a household will be used to convey the story.

Areas of public transit will be used such as the TTC and GO Transit.

I will consider filming parts of Sheridan College such as the hallways and perhaps the cafeteria and classrooms as well.

The Story

The story synopsis will begin with the subject beginning their day at home, from the moment they wake up, they check their vitals to see where they are at the start of their day and how they will adjust and optimize according to what they have to do today. Are they working out today? Dieting? is it going to be a highly stressing day? These parameters will be considered by the user. The story will continue to follow the subjects’ day to day life from going to the washroom to do some personal hygiene and prepare their day. Continuing their morning routine, the subject has breakfast, as the subject eats, we will see the nutrients provided and tracked in real time and monitored until satisfied. The subject will then make their way to their daily commute, walking to the public transit and getting on the train. The user will be able to see germs and other contaminated public areas and act accordingly. The subject’s destination is school, as the user thinks about what they may have to do today, they get a bit overwhelmed. The ICV can track stress levels and alert the user of any warnings towards their health or well being, this helps the user stay calm through personal calming techniques such as breathing in and out or meditation, ect. (Subject to change). Throughout the subjects school day, we get to see the interface displayed throughout different scenarios such as hunger, sleep, heart rate, stress and more. With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, the user is able to see viruses and other contaminates in the air or public spaces and the user can try their best to avoid possible transmission. After school, the subject wants to exercise, before exercising the ICV will display the current vitals such as their nutrients and caloric intake. When working out we can see the calories and fat burn in real time as well as how much energy we are exerting and if it is safe or not. Afterwards, the subject is alerted of hunger and is recommended a meal that would provide the nutrients needed to bring levels back to satisfaction. At the end of the day, the subject can make sure their vitals are good before bed and falls asleep.