Digital Tools 2 Project 3 – Future Interface Video

Synopsis This is a video for project 3 which showcases the iriscope, the interface and technology made to change our visual view and add an interface overlay and seamless control over the navigation which is hands free and integrated with the user. Process Work Using a canon eos 77d dslr to record, we ended up […]

Assignment 2 – Storyboard & Production Plan – iriscope

Production plan The storyboard follows a casual day, utilizing first person shots we can display the interface in action and as a demonstration for what it would be like to have an interface built into our eyes. Crew Member: Jc Calimlim – Director, Animator, Editor, Cameraman, Actor Bradley Hill – Cameraman, Actor Felipe De La […]

Typography Project One: Letter form Construction, Classification and Use

Beginning the project off, we were tasked with doing a calligraphy exercise. This was challenging as I’ve never done calligraphy before and was clueless on how to maneuver a calligraphy pen properly. After doing the initial writing, we had to trace the best letter forms in adobe illustrator. Using parts of other letters, I was […]

project 1: postcard process

this will be my process work for digital tools 1 project 1. i went to shoot pictures with some buddies on a sunday evening at the scarborough bluffs for my project since i assumed no one would be there due to the weather. when i got there i was surprised at how many people were […]